16 - 41 MW

Gas turbines for the oil and gas industry with a capacity from 16 to 41 MW.

Includes the Siemens SGT-500, Siemens Industrial RB211*, Siemens SGT-600, Siemens SGT-700, and Siemens SGT-750.

Siemens SGT-500 Gas Turbine

The Siemens SGT-500 triple-shaft industrial gas turbine is a light-weight, rugged machine that offers high efficiency.

Siemens Industrial RB211*

The Siemens Industrial RB211 gas turbines are compact, lighter-weight designs that are ideally suited for power generation in the oil and gas industry.

Siemens SGT-600 Gas Turbine

The Siemens SGT-600 gas turbine is rated in the 25 MW class, with 33.6 percent open-cycle efficiency.

Siemens SGT-700 Gas Turbine

The 33 MW Siemens SGT-700 gas turbine is a further development of the proven Siemens SGT-600 and is specifically designed for higher power output.

Siemens SGT-750 Gas Turbine

The Siemens SGT-750 is a low-weight industrial gas turbine features easy maintenance, high availability, and outstanding reliability.