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Innovative technologies

Digitalization, higher availabilities and lowest cost of ownership – discover the latest offshore production solutions.

Technology is constantly changing. It’s a never-ending process of ingenuity, invention and innovation.
The Dresser-Rand business is continuously seeking breakthroughs to help solve your oil and gas challenges. We pride ourselves on using cutting-edge design, inventive engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing tools.

We’re developing compressors that are smaller, lighter, oil-free, and more easily maintained in challenging environments. As a result, today we can efficiently add compressors to topsides and onshore applications where space is limited, and more easily transport them to remote locations.

We’re adapting technologies from other industries, including new additive manufacturing technologies to build 3D models of components, dramatically shortening cycle times and lowering the cost of design changes.

Our new compression solution platform and gas turbine packages advance our ability to deliver value to clients with configure-to-order solutions optimized for market needs, performance, features and serviceability with lower CAPEX, OPEX and faster cycle times.

Our research into supersonic compression has resulted in an unprecedented 10 to 1 pressure ratio in a single stage. And we’re transferring that technology to lower pressure ratios; fewer compressor stages mean reduced cost, footprint and weight. Watch for more on this in our next hard copy edition of insights magazine.

In many different ways, across all of our markets, we’re taking technology in entirely new directions.

Integrated compression system

DATUM® ICS Oil and gas operators of production facilities, platforms, and subsea modules benefit from the DATUM ICS compression system’s small footprint.

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End-to-end solutions for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is enabling companies to reshape everything for optimal performance at a reduced cost.

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New 38-MW aeroderivative gas turbine

The SGT-A35 RB turbine provides a compelling solution for the challenging requirements of offshore applications.

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A broader range of gas turbines

A powerful collaboration using the combined expertise from Siemens, Dresser-Rand and the Rolls-Royce Energy business creates a broader range of gas turbines.

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