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Discover your untapped assets

Digitalization is not a passing trend: it’s a business transformation that’s reinventing many industries, including oil and gas. Combining digital assets with conventional business models is already changing how companies like Siemens work with customers and suppliers.

With the development of data analytics and management techniques, we can find oil and gas resources faster and more precisely, and operate refineries and manufacturing plants more efficiently.

Unlike many other industries, we deal with mission-critical, high-capital cost, long-lived assets. And in an industry where productivity, cost and safety are so important, the ability to leverage data to optimize the life cycle costs of oil and gas assets is critical. Siemens helps its oil & gas customers leverage digital solutions by safeguarding critical infrastructure, protecting sensitive information and ensuring business continuity.

Experience the Internet of Things with Mindsphere

Siemens’ Mindsphere – an open, scalable IoT operating system – offers built-in cyber security, data management and an open application development environment.

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Take a step toward Industrie 4.0

Our digital life cycle approach to rotating equipment and electrical and automation systems begins with digitally configuring solutions during the concept and design phase, progresses to digitally-enabled project management and manufacturing, enables virtual testing and commissioning, and ultimately delivers a digital twin of the topsides facility for life cycle decision support and asset optimization.

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The digital twin

The digital twin joins the physical and digital worlds as an asset moves through its lifecycle.

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Siemens to develop digital solutions for Aker BP

Aker BP recently selected Siemens to deliver digital solutions for its future field development projects.

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