We place great importance on our relationships with the communities in which we work, live and operate. In the communities where we []


As the human population grows, societies evolve and technology advances, the need for energy escalates and intensifies pressure on the world’s resources. []


Dresser-Rand promotes the highest standards of governance. Our governance systems are the cornerstone of our corporate management and, in conjunction with our principles and values, guide the decisions and actions of all employees. These standards remain at the core of our company’s reputation and stability and provide a foundation upon which we are able to serve our stockholders, employees, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders with passion, hard work, confidence, and an innovative spirit.

People Power

People are the main ingredient of a successful company. Recruiting, training, managing, guiding, and retaining employees are all important. Our ability to identify and attract highly talented people fosters business growth and success.

Our People Power program encourages diversity in an environment of integrity, teamwork and empowerment.

Our Committment to Health + Safety

Health and safety is a critical, core value that demonstrates our company’s ethics, caring and respect for its people. Our mission of becoming a zero-injury culture continues. We share our clients’ belief that safety excellence requires the same kind of discipline as quality, on-time delivery and cost reduction. Together, we are committed to return every Dresser-Rand employee, contractor and client home safely.

Educational Disability Workshops in Le Havre

In January 2014, Le Havre employees attended educational workshops about people with disabilities. Guided by a professional education trainer, employees were asked about types of disabilities, how to interact with individuals having different disabilities, their thoughts on the employability of those with disabilities, and biases against handicapped people.